Amelia Riis

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Amelia Riis

Tue, 24/03/2009 - 22:42
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When this old lady met me for the first time in 1997, she and her husband, the late Consul Einar Riis spent 6 hours trying to convince me that they had a solid case against the Norwegian Government and that they were flat broke consequently they couldn’t reward me in any other way than to promise me compensation after the first victory.

As documented in this article, Amelia Riis’ son, Kenneth Patrizio Riis, owns properties all around the USA. What about Amelia Riis, then? She always complained how poor she was, and that the Government and all her lawyers had ran away with all her money. She had nothing left and had barely money enough to by some chocolate now and then, as she and her husband put it. But, again, was this the truth? This question seems to be easier to answer for every step you take into the real Riis-story.

In quite a few court cases Mrs. Amelia Riis has declared to be living in Monaco although she has no address in the Principality. To be able to obtain the certificate of probate (relating to the undistributed marital property Amelia Riis allegedly owned together with the late Consul Einar Riis) and by this document take control over the late Consul Riis assets globally, she proclaimed to the court in Norway that she was living in Norway. Well, the story seems to be different.

I have investigated Amelia Riis’ whereabouts in the US, and this is what I have found so far:

Ms. Amelia Riis seems to own two different locations in California.

San Francisco         :146 Elsie, San Francisco, CA 94110

Moraga                  : 11 Whiting, Moraga, CA 94556

This means that she owns (or have at her disposal) one or more properties in California. Consequently she has been lying not only to me, but to the Norwegian courts, other Norwegian authorities as well as to all the people that have followed her case through the years. The picture of one of the greatest impostors in Norwegian history becomes even clearer.

There has been filed numerous criminal complaints against Mrs. Amelia Riis (aka Dagny Olsen, aka Amelia Olsen, aka Dagny Riis etc) and her actions both in Monaco as well as in Norway. This new information is another break through in regards to Amelia Riis’ and the late Consul Einar Riis’ whereabouts and should call for an immediate warrant of arrest on Mrs. Riis.

Looking back at this family’s activities during the years, it is nothing but alarming observing how far the two Norwegian media institutions (TV2 and Finansavisen) have been able to reach in protecting and thus partaking in this family’s secret and their business, without seeing signs of expected legal intervention from Norwegian or Monegasque authorities.

We will keep up the investigation in the US, as it seems that this family have concealed parts of their wealth in real estate on that continent.


Herman J Berge