Familien Riis

Riis – the Gunrunner family

Leaving the war behind, but not necessarily the job as an agent for whoever he was serving, the late Einar Riis Johannessen became a self-made aircraft broker and a Norwegian Honorary Consul to Rome. Not trusting anyone – especially none of his own family – the late Consul appointed me to be the testamentary executor of his will thus appointing me to protect his rights and to dig out whatever I could find of assets before dividing the estate.

Riis family – Arms dealers and money makers

For years I was this family’s assistant, in-house lawyer, friend and joint partner in their claims against the Norwegian Government. This was turned upside down the moment the late Consul Riis was killed. I have recently got information indicating that about a year before the murder, the rest of the family gathered together some lawyers, journalists and judges in a secret alliance planning to take me out.

Amelia Riis

As documented in this article, Amelia Riis’ son, Kenneth Patrizio Riis, owns properties all around the USA. What about Amelia Riis, then? She always complained how poor she was, and that the Government and all her lawyers had ran away with all her money. She had nothing left and had barely money enough to by some chocolate now and then, as she and her husband put it. But, again, was this the truth?