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  • 080421 Ma'tangi Tonga article on Forced inoculation
  • 080421 Ma'tangi Tonga article on Forced inoculation

From Paradise to Hell - Kingdom of Tonga will introduce compulsory vaccination and punitive action against those who refuse

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From Paradise to Hell - Kingdom of Tonga will introduce compulsory vaccination and punitive action against those who refuse

Fri, 06/08/2021 - 13:02
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It seems that world socialism has picked out Tonga as its first guinea pig. The Tongan legislators have in fact got hands of one of the deadliest weapons of recent times, of which consequences no one today knows - except that it will obviously develop into a global war. We are talking about the government's proposal to introduce compulsory vaccination of the Public and at the same time making it a criminal offense to refuse to be vaccinated. This is stated in an article in Ma’tangi Tonga on August 4 2021.

With democratic means, everything can be criminalized, including free thought and will
The Bill has already been passed in the Legislative Committee by 17 to 0, i.e. unanimously. No protests whatsoever, which objectively appears quite sensational, especially in light of what one is actually trying to force through here.

According to the Tongan newspaper, the Bill will now be sent to the Standing Committee on Social Services for review, and then sent back to parliament for a final reading. If Ma’atangi Tonga has got the facts correct, an amputated legislative process has been chosen. Normally, a Bill must go through four levels: 1st to 3rd reading in parliament before the King makes the final act (Royal Assent). This somewhat elaborate process is now clearly skipped, which indicates panic.

With regard to the Bill, the Tongan government has applied an emergency provision in the country's health legislation (Section 181 of the Public Health Act). The new Bill aims to impose a fine of 1,000 pa’anga (approximately USD 445), or imprisonment for six months, for anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. Parents will be held responsible if their children refuse to be vaccinated. I have not seen the Bill, but as the author states; “…to enforce inoculation of the public”, this must mean that the Bill also contains a provision that regulates arresting unwilling members of the public, hospitalization by force and finally vaccination by force, if necessary by applying restraints.

What does not appear in the article is that Tonga already has the opportunity to vaccinate compulsorily, cf. Public Health Act, Section 181, first paragraph, letter e, in conjunction with Section 182, which stipulates that the person “shall comply” with the law. However, those who refuse cannot be prosecuted today. This follows from Section 161, second paragraph. In addition, the authority has the opportunity to forcibly admit persons who are a danger to society (for example those who are believed to have been infected by a dangerous disease) and who refuse to follow orders from health personnel (emergency officers), cf. Section 187, but this provision does not really authorize to forcibly admit and forcibly vaccinate people who are believed to be healthy. It must then be assumed that it is this provision, as well as Section 161, second paragraph, that will be amended. Following a change in the law, all citizens will in principle be regarded as a danger to society, and a desire to keep the body clean of foreign elements will from now on be regarded as a criminal act. In other words, vaccine refusers will be forcibly picked up/arrested, forcibly admitted, forcibly vaccinated, and then fined or imprisoned for six months.

Why Tonga?
That the UN / WHO / World Socialism has chosen Tonga - which has been almost completely isolated since March 2020, which has not had a single case of Covid-19, and which therefore does not need to impose a vaccine on the population - is in itself not so strange. The people of this small kingdom of about 110,000 inhabitants, are responsive to authorities, loyal to their king and traditionally act as they are told to act. The uprising in November 2006 does not change this general picture of the Tongans. Knowledge of their own rights, viruses, the content and function of vaccines is of very little interest to them. The population has completely different things to think about in their daily lives. They will therefore more easily accept what they hear, and take the vaccine (if it can help the authorities). It must thus be assumed that the general public will not protest against the introduction of this coercive law. The legislative committee’s rubber stamp-consideration of this law supports the assumption. When this is done, that is; when coercion and punishment are introduced in Tonga, this "UN/WHO-solution" will spread further in the Pacific. After some time the masses will get used to coercion and this “disease”/turnkey solution will then be ready to be introduced in the western world, which will obviously lead to civil war in nation after nation.

Criminalization of the freedom to decide over one's own body, and other fundamental issues
I do not think that the Tongan legislators have thought about the big questions that arise from their eagerness to meet the Swiss requirements: Is it really possible to force a healthy person to receive "health care"? Can the socialist collective decide that the minority should be arrested, forcibly admitted and forcibly vaccinated to save the socialist collective? Is this at all ethically possible? Or with other words; is it ethically feasible to kill one person based on the assumption that this will save the lives of 1, 10, 100, 1,000, or 100,000 collectivists? Which one of you can give a positive answer to this question?

Does the democratic idea give legislators the right to criminalize the citizens' freedom to decide over their own bodies, as is about to happen in Tonga, or is there a limit? I mean; can one - as long as the nation is governed on democratic ideas - establish laws about absolutely everything, or are there restrictions on what one can make laws about? Is it possible, let’s say if a democratic majority is achieved, to establish a law that stipulates that health professionals is obliged to amputate the middle finger on both hands of all newborns, because research shows that such a measure prevents traffic accidents, street violence, and obscene behavior, which can otherwise occur by showing the middle finger?

Secondly: Is vaccination to be regarded as health care - that is, help for a sick person? And what does the penalty provision actually lead to for those who continue to refuse? I understand that Tonga and other nations with poor infrastructure (e.g. lack of economy, prisons and personnel) and little understanding of what the UN / WHO / World Socialism is really doing, choose to skip this question, by forced vaccinating, because then the question of how long one can keep a person imprisoned - until he dies or gives in to the pressure (i.e. preliminary life sentence) - will not arise, and the problem is solved

In reality, the Tongan government has taken a couple of very serious steps further than what "King" Duterte of the Philippines has indicated he will do. Rodrigo Duterte threatened not long ago to impose a life sentence without trial on those who refuse to be vaccinated. A Trial – i.e. a full main hearing in a criminal case - is not necessary as an objective assessment is sufficient to decide on whether the person in question has been vaccinated or not. As stated, the sentence is for life, and can only be suspended by the convicted person being vaccinated. I am reasonably convinced that the Tongan government and legislators have not thought this through, but has been told by someone “above” to get past this huge problem, and instead trump through a rapid coercion of the vaccination program of the Swiss institutions and their owners.

Now what?
As the world has come as far as we see the contours of in Tonga, the Philippines and also in Germany and France, I no longer have any belief that we can avoid war, unless something is done very quickly. The only thing that can stop the UN / WHO / world socialism from inflicting another war on the people of the world, is to stop this madness. And the only one who can stop UN / WHO / world socialism is you and me and everyone else who seeks peace and freedom.

A criminalization of the freedom to choose over your own body and health, as well as the forced injection of unknown material into your healthy body, is to be equated with attempted genocide, and must be fought by absolutely all means - with life if necessary. If this legislation passes, you will have no more left of the life you were given as a gift when you were born. Then it's over, and the rest of your life (as far as you do not want freedom) no longer has any meaning. If you love the thought of freedom and the somewhat free life you have today, I recommend you to fight this Swiss hellish solution which is part of the idea of a New World Order, by absolutely all means. For the sake of good order: Defending your body and your life – even if the democracy itself is your opponent – is not regarded as extremism, but self-defense. You cannot sit and wait any longer!

This change in the law in Tonga confirms my claim that the introduction of democracy is by far the biggest disaster the people of the world have inflicted on themselves. Without democracy, the coming war, and all the great wars (murders of innocent people) that have plagued the people of the world since the French Revolution, would never have happened.


Herman J Berge, in exile.

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