A Christmas gift for 6 to 8 % of you

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A Christmas gift for 6 to 8 % of you

Mon, 14/12/2009 - 16:01
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Soon it’s Christmas and on the afternoon of December 24 I will give some 6 to 8 % of you a little gift. The consequences of this gift can lead to a yearly loss for the medical industry of (maybe) 10 to 20 billion dollars, obviously depending on how many people who actually use this treatment recommended by orthodox medicine ((allopathic) i.e. all conform doctors), and the price of the recommended product around the world.

Orthodox medicine’s “best treatment” is – not particularly unexpected – meant for you to eat; a pill, of course. At the same time as the doctor is treating you, he/she warns you of all the side effects, some pretty serious as liver failure, problem with your sense of taste, etc. Consequently the patient is advised to check the liver now and then during the treatment.

The orthodox-recommended treatment for this disease is both quite time consuming and not that successful, as only approximately 60% of the patients treated with pills could expect to be free of symptoms after some years.

An Orthodox treatment of this disease would cost the patients (assuming that 1/3 of the patients obey to the doctors order) more than one billion dollars, and that’s only in the US. The medical industry is believed to profit almost the same amount, as popular drugs are quite cheap to produce. According to Ph.D Gary Null[1] there is an immense gap between the cost of producing drugs and the sales price. As an example, still according to Gary Null,[2] the cost of producing a box of Prozac is 11 cents while the sales price is $247,47. This gives a mark up (the difference between the costs and the sales price) of 224.973% (that is twohundredandtwentyfourthousandninehundredandseventythree percent).

Can you imagine how much the worldwide medical industry profits from an “unwell” population? Hardly. On the other hand we might be able to imagine what good it could do, for us all, to enlighten the population and make more and more of these products useless. By this you shouldn’t get too surprised if the medical industry starts spending millions of dollars in counterattacks against the truth, and against simple remedies on simple medical problems such as I am about to reveal.

The treatment that I am about to share with you is both simple and cheap, and it is by no means invented by me. I am just the messenger of information that has come to my attention, a treatment that I know will be effective. This is not some sort of “folk medicine” or “old wives’ tales” in the sense of traditional Orthodox thoughts of it: deriving from a mix of occult science, ancient imaginative myths or other juggle, branded by the orthodox medicine as “alternative treatment”, which basically means;  treatment in any other way than what is recommended by the owners of the pill-factories.

Since I will not give you the present right away, I am obliged to tell you that this disease is not fatal/terminal or particular dangerous to your general health. On the other hand it is contagious and it could give you quite a troublesome life in many ways.

I take it for granted that all conform doctors knows about the treatment that I am about to reveal, and that these doctors intentionally or unintentionally keep this a secret as only then it would be possible to sell noxious pills/drugs, and hence contribute to a highest possible profit (on others misery) for the medical industry. The treatment I am soon to be sharing with you is harmless and causes no side effects and will get you free of symptoms shortly after starting this treatment. Further on it is cheap; you can get it for a few dollars,

For those of you who can’t wait till Christmas Eve to get this present; the answer is out there, both on the Internet as well as in books. Well, then it’s up to you to either wait or get out there searching for a correct treatment for your disease. All of you should read Dr. Guylaine Lanctôt’s book, The Medical Mafia. It will open your mind and make you see in the dark.

The reason why I won’t give away this Christmas gift right away is that I want you to wake up. I want to call your attention to; your own health; the symbiosis between doctors and the medical industry; the medical industry’s cynical exploitation of the human body and human ignorance, and its profit making on this situation; and finally that it really does exist a healthy world outside the iron curtain which was pulled down around us some hundred years ago, by the medical industry and its doctors/followers.

Please spread the word and come back on Thursday December 24 2009 (please drop by before that if you get a chance) and pick up your gift.

Merry Pre-Christmas


Herman J Berge


Update: Here is your gift. Merry Christmas