Riis family – Arms dealers and money makers

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Riis family – Arms dealers and money makers

Thu, 26/03/2009 - 22:52
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In recent articles I have worked myself closer to the core of the truth about the Riis-family, unearthing information which indicates that the Riis’ gives even the imposter of the last century, Rasputin, a close run.

For years I was this family’s assistant, in-house lawyer, friend and joint partner in their claims against the Norwegian Government. This was turned upside down the moment the late Consul Riis was killed. I have recently got information indicating that about a year before the murder, the rest of the family gathered together some lawyers, journalists and judges in a secret alliance planning to take me out.

As mentioned, the late Consul Riis was helped out of his life on May 30 2006. It seems that any of the public institutions you should expect would have intervened in this “suspicious cause of death-case”, was for some reason paralyzed or bribed out of the case. Medical documents at the Arvika Hospital were falsified.

This Certificate of the cause of Death (sent to me by the hospital late July 2007) is produced on May 30 2006 and verifies that the late Consul Riis was domiciled in Monaco at the time of the death, which is correct. The document is signed by the doctor.

This identical Certificate of the cause of Death, allegedly produced on May 30 2006 but by the same institution and by the same doctor, has been falsified as the doctor for some reason or other has changed the deceased’s domicile. This document was sent to me from the Swedish County of Värmland on October 18 2007 and is not signed. In addition this document has been backdated to the same day as the other certificate only now listing the late Consul Riis as living in Sweden, which is not correct (as the late consul was domiciled in Monaco) but would nevertheless ease a transfer of the body over the border to the neighboring Norway.

This Death Certificate was sent to me on October 18 2006 from the Swedish County of Värmland. The certificate is not signed and states an incorrect address of domicile.

This Death Certificate which should be identical with the above said Certificate (as there could only exist one such certificate at the time) was sent to me on March 24 2008 from the Swedish Tax Authorities. It seems that the Tax office received this Death Certificate the day after the late Consul Riis passed away. This document is though for some weird reason signed. As this document states an incorrect domicile for the late Consul Riis, compared to the Certificate of the cause of Death of the same date signed by the same doctor which states the correct domicile and was the first document I received from the hospital, it seems that this Death Certificate is false produced sometime after July 2007. There is no reasonable explanation why this document is signed whilst documents produced and sent to me prior to this dispatch are not signed, but although lists the correct domicile.

None of the documents are signed by the police, which give proof that the body was never legally released from Swedish authorities.

Production of false documents is a crime. This crime gets even more serious as the documents have been produced by Swedish officials in order – it seems – to cover up a murder. The Swedish hospital was bribed[1] to falsify documents to avoid an autopsy and a Monegasque intervention. The police in Sweden must have been bribed to let go of the body without signing any release documents. The undertaker was forced to give false statements to Swedish tax authorities as well as to the Norwegian embassy in Stockholm about the death of the late Consul Riis and his domicile. This is proven by the notification of May 31 2006 sent to the Norwegian embassy from the Swedish Tax Authorities stating – although failing to give proof – that the late Consul Riis was domiciled in Norway. This document which is dispatched to the embassy on May 31 2006 clearly shows that the Tax Authority have no information about the deceased. Although they have got parts of his name correct, there is no information about his nationality, his marital status, where he is born or when he died. This gives strong evidence that the above mentioned Death Certificate sent to me in March 2008 is a falsification. There is no reason why the Tax Authority should not fill in the said information about the deceased if this was accessible.

These actions were the door-opener to get rid of Einar’s body in Norway, and that in a hurry.

It seems that everything close to Einar and the murder was concealed and protected from any outside questions/intervention, even from the law itself. It took the Riis’ approximately 70 hours to get rid of Einar’s body. He was smuggled with false/falsified papers out of Sweden and into Norway for a speedy cremation which gives strong signals that certain parts of this funeral was planned before Einar passed away.

Following the cremation of the late Consul Riis, a court in Norway (Asker and Bærum Probate Court) produced a false death protocol, presumably to ease the body – or the dust and whatever reason caused it – out of the system, and thus giving the scorned[2] widow free access to the estate of the late Consul. As the Scandinavian readers can observe, the deceased is listed with no heirs beside his wife (which means no children), incorrect domicile, no testament/will (although the will was known to the family and has been presented before Monegasque authorities), no information about where he died or whether there has been issued a Death Certificate, etc. Everything possible is wrong with this document.

Some months after the murder, I started to get signs that something was out of the ordinary. The ageing Mrs. Amelia Riis all of a sudden settled a case between herself and her long time enemy, a lawyer which according to the late Consul Riis had betrayed the family. His name is Ole Kristian Aabø-Evensen. It has been indicated that the settlement was planned prior to the murder, but of obvious reasons it couldn’t be carried out as long as Einar was alive. This settlement was the first obvious sign I got that something was really not as it should be. You will find an introduction to this case here (not available yet).

In the spring of 2007 the Riis’ managed to bribe off (see note 1) some judges in Oslo, Norway, to willfully produce two decisions not only in my absence but without my knowledge. The Riis’ had already included a journalist in this alliance, Mats Ektvedt[3] from the state-/Labour Party-owned TV2. This journalist in collaboration with his involved judge-friend (Hanne Tenden) then produced and broadcasted all sorts of stories about an imaginary problem, stories that were not aligned with the truth. This strategy is quite old (you will find it anywhere where rotten power struggles to survive) although still in use by all humans striving for power and the elimination of any opponents: We are talking about Psychological warfare (Norwegian only) and her (original English reference). 

The thread through this operation against me: the Riis-family has been fighting a just fight for over 30 years; the family is really poor (since the late 1970’ early 1980’), impoverished; and that I somehow have ran away with their money. If I say; that’s not true!, you will say; yea, right. This is how imposters work together with media institutions. They don’t have to prove anything, and you wouldn’t stand a chance against them; that is if you don’t have the guts to blow this house of cards down yourself.

So, there we are. The only thing left for me to do is to give you, the reader, a fair chance to have your own say based on documents and not on pure fantasies produced by an alliance working for a certain outcome.

As a consequence of the situation being turned upside down, I was forced to dive into the Riis’ life and whereabouts from the very beginning and up till today: What a life they have had, and what a lie they have made the Norwegian journalists, politicians, readers, listeners and viewers of news to believe in for more than 30 years.

The core of the Riis’ consists of Mrs. Amelia Riis (aka Amelia Olsen, aka Dagny Amelia Olsen Riis, aka A. Olsen, aka Dagny Riis, aka Dagny Olsen); Mr. Kenneth Patrizio Riis (aka Patrizio Riis, aka KP Riis, aka KPZ, aka Patrizio Kenneth Riis, aka Pat Riis, aka P. Riis); Benedicte Riis-Duryea (aka Bene, aka Benediate R. Duryea, Benedicte R. Duryea, aka Benedicte Riis, aka Benedicte Duryea); Stephen Charles Dureya (aka Steven, aka Steve, aka Stephen C Duryea, aka Stephen Duryea Te) and Mr. Alessandro Sangue (aka Alexander Sangue, aka Alex, aka A. Sangue).

Benedicte Riis-Duryea
I have already described parts of the activities of Mrs. Riis and her son, Patrizio Riis (here, here and here). The turn has come to Benedicte Riis-Duryea, Amelia’s daughter.

Who is she, and what is her position in the family hierarchy? It seems that she has been the keeper and protector of the hidden family-fortune in the US.

As mentioned before, in Norway the Riis-family is known for their endless fighting against the Norwegian Government. When talking to journalists and politicians Amelia and Einar Riis, the symbol of this fight, seldom let the chance slip by describing who was funding their legal fights: “Our children are helping us.” With tears in his eyes Einar told the journalists and politicians about how their daughter paid for their legal costs from out of her poor salary. The daughter would give up almost anything for her parents. Naturally the act moved everyone including myself.

You could often hear (ever since the early 1980’) the late Consul Riis state, now and then accompanied with a hand slamming to the table: “We have nothing left! They have drained us. They have taken everything from us. We have done nothing wrong but claiming our inheritance which the Government stole from a poor woman”, pointing at Amelia. This was basically the setting for the common Norwegian.

Riis’ fight has been described as unfair, and a few commentators have thus dared their jobs in expressing the Government’s responsibility and how unfair they felt the judges have treated this family in the courts during the years. I have even won three cases for this family against the Kingdom of Norway in the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg (2004, 2007 and 2008). They’ve fooled us all and the picture of a poor family, victims of unjust, is rapidly fading away.

Diving into Benedicte Riis-Duryea’s life
In an official document presented before the Notary Me Henry Rey, Monaco, Mrs. Benedicte Riis-Duryea is born in Rome (Italy) on November 13 1961.

According to official information retrieved from California, she is listed as born on August 23 1960 (her husband’s birthday, see this document). She also seems to operate under another birthday as well, claiming to be born on January 7 1962.

At the moment we believe she lives in 11 Whiting Court, Moraga, CA 94110. She also seems to be affiliated with several other locations in the US as well.

In my investigation I came over a name suspiciously similar to Benedicte; Benediate R. Duryea, living at the same addresses as Benedicte, related to the same husband, Mr. Stephen Charles Duryea. I had to check whether this was just a wrong spelling or maybe something more systemized. It turned out not to be a wrong spelling.

The snag here is that this Benediate is born on January 7 1962 and she seems to own some properties jointly with Benedicte (146 elsie st), jointly with Benedicte’s husband (46 Elsie St and 146 Elsie St), and jointly with Benedicte’s mother (146 Elsie St and 11 Whiting Court). You will find a link to all the properties below. We are apparently talking about two persons, alternatively an Identity Theft, or some other kind of fraudulent activity in regards to these identities.

There is always a motivation behind such activity, and that is normally to ease once way away from tax authorities, the police, court orders, other authorities, old friends, creditors and others. I am in the possession of handwritten notes connecting Benedicte Riis-Duryea to serious tax fraud in Italy, as well as to serious corruption against Uganda officials, a story which I will refer to in an another article. Mrs Riis-Duryea has all the wrong reasons in the world to act as she does.

To cut this short, Benedicte Riis-Duryea, Benediate R. Dureya and Stephen Duryea are the owners/holders of or have been the owners/holders of the following properties, many of them located nearby a golf course:

Amelia Riis (aka Amelia Olsen, aka Dagny Amelia Olsen Riis, aka A. Olsen, aka Dagny Riis, aka Dagny Olsen):

1. 146 Elsie St, San Francisco, CA 94110

2. 11 Whiting Court, Moraga, CA 94556


Kenneth Patrizio Riis (aka Patrizio Riis, aka KP Riis, aka KPZ, aka Patrizio Kenneth Riis, aka Pat Riis, aka P. Riis):

1. Box 111721, MIAMI, FL 33111.

2. 250 W 50TH ST, New York, NY 10019 (not confirmed).

3. 2503 Park Hill CT E, Fort Worth, TX 76110.

4. 1700 BUSH # 12, San Francisco, CA 94109 (city view)


Benedicte Riis-Duryea (aka Bene, aka Benediate R. Duryea, Benedicte R. Duryea, aka Benedicte Riis, aka Benedicte Duryea):

1. 11 WHITING Court MORAGA, CA 94556




Benediata Riis-Duryea (aka Bene, aka Benediate R. Duryea, Benedicte R. Duryea, aka Benedicte Riis, aka Benedicte Duryea):





Stephen Charles Duryea (aka Steven, aka Steve, aka Stephen C Duryea):

1. 1700 BUSH SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109











Alessandro Sangue (aka Alex, aka AX, aka Alexander, aka Alexander Sangue):

1. 2503 Park Hill CT E, Fort Worth, TX 76110.


Could the Riis-family afford all this?
According to the late Consul Riis Benedicte’s husband, a sales man, never had a salary above average, which I believe was some $40.000 a year. His wife worked, and still seems to be working as a secretary with the Arup Ltd, 560 Mission, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94105. Her salary was well below average. This means that this average earning family would never have sufficient funds to buy all these properties.

Spending money on lawyers and court hearings is quite expensive in Norway, and allegedly drained the old couple. According to the late Consul Riis and his wife, Benedicte and her husband paid for the old couple’s legal as well as other expenses in Norway. Having this story in mind, there is even less money left for purchasing properties in the US. Nevertheless, most of or all these properties are owned or have been owned by the named persons. So, where did all the money come from?

By the way: If any of the above mentioned properties should appear to be owned by other persons today, one should run a check whether these new owners are affiliated with or could be relatives/friends to the Riis-Duryea family. It is not uncommon that friends or co-collaborators enter into shady agreements in order to conceal the reality. In this regard it is quite interesting to register that Stephen Charles Duryea seems to be operating with different names as he is listed as Stephen Duryea Te in this document, all of a sudden holding the very same last name as the recent owner of 146 Elsie st. Mrs. Te (there is a slight possibility that “Te” is the abbreviation of “Tenant” which in that case would cause even more problems for Mr. Duryea).

As you can rule out the possibility that Stephen Charles Duryea has funded the purchase of all these properties himself, we are left with the possibility that the funding origins from other sources, possibly from some kind of shady activities, like arms dealing. You have to go back and read this article again, and this.

If you put all the above mentioned persons in the same pot (which I believe you should, as they are sharing many of the addresses mentioned), we are then talking about a quite wealthy family which should not have any economical problems whatsoever, and which definitely was not entitled to free legal aid in Norway, which I landed for them.

Wealth which not correlates with performance and income should arouse suspicion. In this case we are looking at a family which is associated with as many as 16 different properties. According to the family Kenneth Patrizio Riis has lived in Italy for the last 15 years. He owns two homes (one in Verona and one in Sardinia), supports a family of four and has an income – if it is true that he is a captain – of some $60-70.000 a year. Amelia Riis lives in Oslo, Norway, and has been living there since January 1979 without any income of significance. Benedicte has been living in San Francisco since the late 1980’ at one address before they moved to Moraga in 2000. She has a below average income. Her husband is a sales man with an average income. It seems quite unlikely that these persons have had the funds to acquire these 16 properties (or even half of them), some of them relatively expensive. The money must have come from outside sources.

But for me, and for all the politicians and other “helpers” in Norway that have assisted and supported this family for so many years, it is both painful and hard to witness that this family, while begging on their knees for help, in reality were what you could describe as filthy rich. The story becomes even more absurd and Rasputin-like adding the 2003-settlement[4] and the payment of some $ 8 million by the Government in 2003. And now, with the assistance of TV2 and a financial news paper the Riis’ continuing their effort fooling the Norwegian viewers and readers, for what? More money? What a scam.


Herman J Berge

[1] When I say ”bribed” I do this based on the following thesis: A civil servant/state official is responsible for the content of his documents. When he signs a paper, he knows what he is doing. If the information given in the document is not consistent with facts, the servant/official is obliged to see that the content is aligned with the facts. If he refuses to do so and signs the document despite the fact that he knows that this is wrong, the servant/official is either retarded or have in some way or other been bribed.

[2] For all practical purposes the late Consul Riis lived with another woman for the last 15 years of his life.

[3] The late Consul Riis reckoned Ektvedt as a traitor working for the Government. Ektvedt is mentioned in Riis’ will as a possible creditor to the estate. Despite the obvious fact that Ektvedt had conflicting interests in this case, he produced one news flash after the other.

[4] The settlement is not written on an official paper from the Ministry of Police and Justice, but rather on a piece of white paper without any heading, signed by a person with no power of attorney, which by the way died just weeks after the signing. Read this article concerning Mr. Gotaas’ his death.