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Director General of Public Prosecution                                                Luxembourg November 27 2008

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Att                         : Director General Busch

Re                          : Previous Criminal complaints – Petition for Restraining Order

Case #                   : Patrizio Riis, Norway

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Petition for Restraining Order – Order of Protection


Mrs. Dagny Olsen :aka Amelia Riis, aka Dagny Amelia Riis, aka Dagny Amelia Olsen Riis, aka Dagny Amelia Olsen. Address: Michelets vei 23 A, 1366 Lysaker, Norway.

Mr. Patrizio Riis     : aka Kenneth Riis, aka Kenneth Patrizio Riis, aka Patrizio Kenneth Riis, aka KPZ. Address: (1) Michelets vei 23 A, 1366 Lysaker, Norway; (2) 0516 Oslo, Norway; (3) Via Ponte Pietra 9, 37121 Verona, Italy; (4) Viale Andrea Palladio 10, 37138 Verona, Italy.


On November 20 2008 I was to attend to a court hearing in Monaco in a case that has been brought to court by Mrs. Dagny Olsen.

At 0925 in the morning I was standing in the hall outside the court room waiting for one of the court clerks to inform me at what time this court hearing was to start. Among the people coming out of the court room while I was waiting was an old man and Patrizio Riis.

As soon as I noticed his presence, he started a frantic although intentional winking with his left eye, while at the same time smiling with some kind of a mental or evil smile. Seconds later he commenced an attack and started a run towards me. Thanks to the old man, which later on was pointed out – by the President of the Court on my request – to be Mr. Didier Escaut, Dagny Olsen’s lawyer, the attack was stopped.

Escaut managed to grab Patrizio’s right arm and hold him back to prevent him from fulfilling his attack. Escaut seemed to have succeeded with his intense talk to Patrizio as Patrizio withdrew although reluctantly from any further attacks at that point. After a few minutes Escaut sent him in to the court room, alone.

As soon as Patrizio had left the hall, Escaut started to walk back and forth in front of me in a half circle, (like a hesitating predator) in an obvious attempt to get my attention. I found his and his “client’s” behaviour as very threatening. There was no police force or guards present in the Court House so to avoid further attacks or other incidents from Escaut and/or his uncontrollable client, I moved away from the open hall towards a more crowded area around a vending machine.

Some 5-10 minutes later I was called upon by the court clerk. On my way in to the court room I had to pass Patrizio Riis. At this point he was apparently under Escaut’s control, as Escaut was standing beside him. Nothing extraordinary happened and I placed myself in the middle of the court room, standing and waiting for my turn.

Within minutes after Escaut had left his client at the far left corner of the court room, Patrizio walked straight towards me and made a swift attempt to steel my briefcase. To be exposed for such an attack, especially when standing in a crowded court room, was a highly unusual situation for me. The attack happened so fast that I didn’t have time to protect myself nor avoid his attack. As he bent down to steal my briefcase, I told him in a loud voice: - Step back!, or – Move back!

My loud voice alerted a lady sitting just in front of me. As soon as she turned around, Patrizio simultaneously stepped back and returned to his spot. There are several witnesses to this incident.

I find it hard to believe that any sense person would even think of stealing anything in a court room, let alone trying to steal a briefcase in front of the owner, in a crowded court room.

There were no further incidents before we approached the bench. Yet again – in front of the President of the Court – Patrizio behaved abnormal and odd. While I talked with the President of the Court, Patrizio approached me in a disturbing way. It was more like he was moving towards me with his head in a strange tilted way, kind of waiving back and forth towards me. Again I felt Patrizio Riis’ behaviour threatening – having in mind his previous attack and attempt of theft – and the only sensible thing I could do in this situation was to ask the President to have me moved away from Patrizio and his lawyer. My request was approved by the President.

I am not sure whether Patrizio Riis was carrying weapons in the court this day. Anyhow it seemed that Didier Escaut knew about Patrizio’s mental state, and thus used Patrizio as a last resort to try to scare me off. This – Patrizio Riis and his mental instability – might be Escaut’s last “weapon” against me in a case which he knows he is doomed to loose.

These three serious incidents in the Tribunal de Premičre Instance, Monaco, are in itself an indication that Patrizio Riis is seriously ill and dangerous.

Earlier on, the Director General in Norway have been informed – through criminal complaints – about attempts of extortion, threats and murder threats from Patrizio Riis.

After this incident in Monaco I feel that me and my family are in great danger of being a victim of Patrizio Riis’ actions. Again I find it quite adequate to mention Patrizio Riis’ case story, acting as a member of a violent and extremely dangerous paramilitary right wing organization in Italy responsible for numerous deadly terror actions/campaigns, which led to his escape from Italy to safe havens in South Africa, South America and finally Norway. His father the late Consul Riis accused his son for sinking his leisure boat in Oslo, twice, and for threatening and scaring off the late Consul’s mistress with murder threats. The late Consul Riis was not sure whether his son had committed murder or not. Nevertheless, merely bringing up this subject regarding his own son more than indicates that the question has for some reason or other been burnt into the late Consul’s mind.

I petition the Director General (Public Prosecutor) to file for a Restraining Order on/Order of Protection against Patrizio Riis, to be enforceable in Scandinavia.

In addition I petition the Director General to carry out medical/mental examination on Patrizio Riis, see Norwegian Criminal Procedure Act, §165 and §148.

We, my family and I, are looking forward to your prompt response as well as your confirmation that the criminal complaints as well as this petition for a Restraining Order has been registered and will be taken care of promptly.



Luxembourg November 27 2008


Herman J Berge

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