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Director General of Public Prosecution                                                Luxembourg October 26 2008

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Att                         : Director General

Re                          : Criminal complaints: War crimes, crimes against humanity, Terrorism, threats.

Case #                   : Riis

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Important: Somebody is going to call from the Norwegian phone number 22762230 to the Norwegian phone number 94 (erased) at 14.00 on this Monday October 27 2008 and produce new threats in association with the discovery of the first born son of the late Consul Einar Riis. This phone call that is to take place is directly connected to the May 30 2006 murder of the late Consul Einar Riis, and possibly the 1980-Itavia accident (Strage di Ustica).


Criminal complaint

I refer to previous Criminal complaints against Mr. Ole Kristian Aabø-Evensen and Mr. Patrizio Riis (aka Mr. Kenneth Riis, aka Mr. Kenneth Patrizio Riis) of May 7, June 18, June 19, June 20, July 19 2007 as well as later amendments and criminal complaints. Consequently the Director General should be duly informed about the case.


The late Consul Einar Riis’ mistress, Mrs. Anne Lise Sellæg (Oslo, Norway) told me – as the Director General knows – that the late Consul Riis had another son from an earlier relationship together with a noble woman from Rome, prior to his relationship with Mrs. Dagny Olsen, the daughter of Shipping Owner Mr. Kristoffer Olsen.


Mrs. Sellæg gave me a name to a lifelong “friend” of the late Consul Riis, Mrs. Letizia (of Roma), which she advised me to contact in regards to further questions about this son. I did not get any telephone number though, only her first name.


On September 11 2008 I managed to trace down the telephone number of Letizia. A few days later I also found the birth date of the son in question, as well as the address where he was living the first years of his life.


Since I don’t speak Italian, I asked Mr. Z Z, Oslo, whether he could ask someone he knows who speaks the language to call Letizia with the purpose to inform her about the late Consul Riis death, about the will and that I am the Testamentary Executor.


In this regard I would like to outline that Mr. Patrizio Riis produced direct murder threats against me to Mr. Z on December 12 2007, in the Oslo City Court. I have filed criminal complaints regarding these threats. On July 7 2007 Mr. Patrizio Riis called Mr. Z four times in addition to sending him an SMS though knowing that Mr. Z did not want to speak to him. On October 17 2008 the telephone line of Mr. Z was crossed over (transferred) to phone number 22762230 which is owned by someone with the name of Mr. Kenneth Lund. It can be documented that this cross-over was done manually, and it lasted until the following Monday. Mr. Z has filed a complaint with the provider Telenor AS for illegal wire tapping. In this regard I wish to point out that since 2006 every time that we have a set date for a court meeting my phone has been tapped or blocked, most likely by Mr. Patrizio Riis, this since he has been calling me around these times. This means that Mr. Patrizio Riis most likely is a member of a Pan-European clandestine network with branches in Italy, Norway, Luxembourg and elsewhere. These people must have technical capabilities to set up wire taps on short notice in different countries, and must hence be well organized.


Ms. N N N (b. 1949), with the address of (erased) 6, 0378 Oslo, Norway, made this call to Letizia the day after my discovery, on September 12 2008. During the conversation Letizia was provided with my contact details in Luxembourg. A few hours later she got several phone calls from an unidentified/unlisted number as well as from Mrs. Amelia Riis’ (aka Mrs. Dagny Olsen, aka Mrs. Dagny Amelia Olsen, etc) phone number in Oslo; 67538866.


As the Director General should know by now, Mrs. Riis/Mrs. Olsen claims that she doesn’t live in Norway, but still she uses her phone in Norway, and this happens immediately after the discovery of what the Riis-family has been hiding for years. I have been to Monaco numerous times the last two years checking the conditions of the estate of the late Consul Riis, and I can assure the Director General that no one lives in the apartment that Mrs. Riis/Mrs. Olsen claims to be living in. This apartment is owned by the estate of the late Consul Riis, represented by me.


Ms. N didn’t respond to these somewhat frantic phone calls as she realized that this must have been a reaction following her conversation with Letizia. She was after all just a translator with no other relations to the case. These people seem to have temporarily ended their effort in getting in contact with Ms. N after this incident.


Anyhow, there has been filed numerous criminal complaints against Mrs. Riis/Mrs. Olsen as well as against her lawyer Mr. Didier Escaut in Monaco, and her “lawyer” Mr. Ole Kristian Aaboe-Evensen in Norway, this in regards to unfounded cases that has been filed against me and the estate of the late Consul Riis in an attempt to empty the estate.


On October 20 2008 I met up with the President of the Tribunal de Première Instance, Monaco, a meeting which in turn lead to a positive change with regards to the probate case in Monaco.


On October 24 2008, most likely due to this recent change of direction regarding the court case, an Italian speaking person called Ms. N on her mobile number: +47 (erased). The phone call was made from this number: 22830668.


This phone number could be an internal number for number 22830660 which belongs to Mr. Birger Nergaard. As far as I know Mr. Nergaard’s mother is of Greve decent (Bergen, Norway). Mr. Nergaard is married into the ship owner Fred. Olsen-family, Oslo. His father, the lawyer Mr. Olav Nergaard, was deeply involved in the case in question (the so called Riis-case) and in concealing the funds in Viking Bank, Zürich, and was thus considered an enemy of the late Consul Riis. The late Consul Riis accused Mr. Nergaard and the shipping company Olsen & Ugelstad to have concealed some 500 million Swiss Franc in banks in Switzerland after WWII, funds that was supposed to be a part of his wife’s inheritance.


In this phone conversation Ms. N was clearly threatened to stop helping us with the translation and I refer to her SMS to Mr. Z later the same day:


“The purpose of the man that called me was to talk to, within the next week, the person that had assigned me the task. He ended the conversation saying that what I had involved myself in by helping with the translation is something very serious (una cosa molto seria) which could lead to me being accused for taking part in an attempt to commit fraud.” Copies of SMS from Ms. N documenting what took place on October 24 2008, is attached as appendix 1 to 26.


Helping a testamentary executor in translating messages to friends of the deceased, to creditors to the deceased, to a possible mother of the deceased’s offspring and so forth, is not regarded as a fraud in any country. To block and obstruct the Testamentary Executor’s and national authorities’ assignments and tasks in numerous countries, bribing judges, bribing lawyers, bribing witnesses, threatening opponents, threatening witnesses, and so forth is on the contrary a series of criminal actions that should be dealt with by adequate authority.


As mentioned I have come across more information about this son of the late Consul Riis, as well as a phone number to the late Consul’s very close friend, Letizia. Letizia was married to a high rank Carabinieri officer. As the Director General will remember from previous criminal complaints in this case, the late Consul Riis was warned about a razzia and an arrest warrant on his son by phone from a high rank Carabinieri officer. The distress call from this high rank Carabinieri officer – thus helping a possible criminal to flee the country and consequently escape from prosecution on terror attacks in Italy – could very well be linked to Letizia’s husband, and this could in part be the reason why someone started calling from Mrs. Amelia Riis/Mrs. Dagny Olsens phone number in Oslo immediately after Letizia was contacted by the translator.


It is by far coincidentally that at the same time as I am discovering essential details about the late Consul Riis (a job that I have repeatedly asked Asker & Bærum district court (Norway) as well as other adequate officials to do or help me with), someone is making efforts to stop me by producing criminal threats – against the translator. The criminal threats have been made by an Italian obviously living (hiding/safe-havening) in Norway.


This person that called from 22830668 is to call Ms. N this coming Monday October 27 2008 at 14.00. This conversation should be subject to communication control by the Norwegian prosecuting authority as this person most likely will put forward new threats.


It appears quite obvious that this person is somehow connected to Letizia, Mrs. Riis/Mrs. Olsen and her son, Patrizio Riis. As stated in earlier criminal complaints against Mr. Patrizio Riis, he has yet again escaped from Italian prosecutors and seems to have searched for cover and a safe haven in Norway.


Due to the seriousness of this case it is important that the Director General investigates who is controlling and concealing the actions of Mr. Patrizio Riis, in both Norway and Italy. As the Director General knows, the late Consul Riis told me that his son Patrizio was seriously involved in some way in the 1980’s-terror cases in Italy. Mrs. Anne Lise Sellæg, the late Consul Riis’ mistress from 1992 till he died, has more information on; 1) Mr. Patrizio Riis, his activities, and why he was disinherited in 1992; 2) The late Consul Riis’ first son in Italy, prior to his relation to Mrs. Amelia Olsen; 3) The late Conul Riis’ last days in Italy, Monaco, Norway and finally Sweden, including full descriptions of the two agents that he met with in Kongsvinger in May 2006 and the night visitors at his estate in Arvika, Sweden, just before he was murdered. Mr. Patrizio Riis told me within 24 hours after his father died; “They have killed him,” which means that he knows who “they” are. If by “they” Mr. Patrizio Riis meant any Norwegian secret clandestine services, I would like to be informed promptly. I point out in this regard that Mr. Kristoffer Olsen was an associate of the OSS-agent, Mr. Alan Laidlaw. In this regard it might be worth mentioning that I was told by the late Consul Riis that Mrs. Dagny Olsen/Mrs. Amelia Riis attended a special (spy?) school in Switzerland in the early 1950’s.


During a personal meeting in Rome on April 2008 I was told by Mr. X X that the Riis-family were spies, but he couldn’t tell for whom they were spying for. He was working for the Riis-family between 1970 and 1980. This was the first time that I heard about the Riis-family’s clandestine activities in Italy including arms dealing to which I am absolutely not a part of. It is my opinion that Mrs. Dagny Amelia Olsen Riis as well as her two children should be investigated for war crimes and illegal arms trading/dealing.


I would like to point out that the late Consul Riis was murdered in May 2006. His body, which was the main evidence, was smuggled to Norway and destructed by an immediate illegal cremation just hours after he was murdered. I have filed several criminal complaints on this matter, and I am yet to receive a confirmation by the Director General that the case is under investigation.


The murder of the late Consul Einar Riis points out that the phone call from this Italian person mentioned above is not just a simple phone call between two Italian speaking persons.


Due to a total lack of response from Norwegian authorities in this criminal case, and thus as a final point I find it appropriate to stress that the Director General Mr. Tor-Aksel Busch will be held personally responsible for my life as well as my family’s life, should anything happen to us due to actions against us from any of these terrorists or from this terrorist network, whether it is named Terza Posizione, H.M.K. Okkupasjonsberedskap, Banda della Magliana, SISMI, Heimevernet (the so called Norwegian National Guard), Stay Behind, Mr. Jens Christian Hauge’s network of assassins, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari or others.

*        *        *


I petition all persons partaking in this threat indicted and sentenced for the crimes mentioned above. My claim for damages is to be filed under the criminal case.



I strongly urge the Director General to coordinate the investigation in this case with the prosecution authorities in Rome, Italy.



Luxembourg October 26 2008


Herman J Berge,

Testamentary Executor of the estate of the late consul Einar Riis

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